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Peychaud's Bitters

Experience the Unrivaled Complexity of Peychaud's Bitters

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Experience the Unrivaled Complexity of Peychaud's Bitters

Peychaud's Bitters embodies a flavorful fusion of tradition and uniqueness, taking your taste buds on an adventure through layers of distinctive notes. These bitters are not just a cocktail ingredient; they are a concoction that sends chills down the spine of mixologists & spirits connoisseurs alike with their deep-rooted flavorful twists.

What is Peychaud's Bitters?

Peychaud's Bitters is a brand of cocktail bitters believed to have originated from New Orleans, Louisiana. These bitters are recognized by their bright red hue and complex botanical mix, contributing to their unique flavor profile. The brand's product, Peychaud's Aromatic Cocktail Bitters, is world-renowned. Born from a recipe created in the 19th century, these bitters have been adding oomph to beverages and leaving an indelible mark on the tongues of drinkers for over a century.

What is the history of Peychaud's Bitters?

The tale of Peychaud's Bitters takes us back to the 1830s, when a Creole apothecary named Antoine Amédée Peychaud mixed up a restorative tonic, which he served in a coquetier (an eggcup) to local patrons and friends. This concoction would go on to become world-famous as Peychaud's Bitters. Since then, the brand has been acquired by Sazerac Company, one of the largest distilling firms in the U.S. Despite centuries of change, the Peychaud's brand has adhered to the original recipe, ensuring consistency and preserving the essence of the apothecary's 19th-century creation. Thus, each bottle of Peychaud's Bitters you savour today celebrates a heritage that is more than a century old. Read Less
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