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St. George All Purpose Vodka

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About St. George All Purpose Vodka

Looking for a vodka that's as versatile as it is delicious? Look no further than St. George All Purpose Vodka. Made with high-quality, non-GMO base spirits and flavorful Bartlett pears, this artisanal vodka offers a smooth and clean taste with a hint of fruity and floral notes.

Tasting Notes

Indulge in the orchard notes of Bartlett pear and toasted grain that lend St. George All Purpose Vodka its distinct flavor. With a smooth finish and lingering sweetness, this vodka is perfect for mixing into your favorite cocktails.

Suggested Serves

From a classic vodka soda to a refreshing vodka gimlet, St. George All Purpose Vodka is the perfect addition to any cocktail recipe. Pair it with Fernet Branca or ginger beer for a unique twist, or mix it with orange juice and zest for a delicious Orange Italian Mule.

Product Features

Crafted with care, St. George All Purpose Vodka is distilled to 95.1% ABV and blended with a non-GMO base spirit. It's then filtered to remove visible impurities, ensuring a clean and smooth taste in every sip.


  • "If you can smell quality, you can smell it in this vodka" - The Vodka Guy
  • "Just the bottle for restocking your home bar" - Los Angeles Times

Food Pairing

St. George All Purpose Vodka is the recommended vodka to pair with the Citrus Paradisi cocktail kit, available at Shaker & Spoon. Mix it up and enjoy the lush mouthfeel and elegant character of this exceptional vodka.

Whether you're a seasoned mixologist or a budding cocktail enthusiast, St. George All Purpose Vodka is a must-have for your home bar. Shop now and experience the unparalleled versatility and delicious flavors of this artisanal vodka. Available in a 750ml bottle with 80 proof.

750ml & 80 Proof

Last Updated: 11/21/2023

General Characteristics:

Size: 750ml
Proof: 80 proof
Main Ingredient: Corn
Country of Origin: United States

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