Westward American Single Malt Whiskey Pinot Noir Cask

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About Westward American Single Malt Whiskey Pinot Noir Cask

750ml & 90 Proof

If you want to taste the best in American Single Malts today, this is your bottle.  

Westward American Single Malt Whiskey Pinot Noir Cask starts with the distillery's flagship whiskey which is then finished for up to two years in French Oak wine casks sourced from award-winning wine producers in the renowned Willamette Valley.

Brewed like a pale ale, distilled like a traditional single malt, and aged in pinot noir casks like a bourbon, Westward American Single Malt  Whiskey Pinot Noir Cask is an elegant and vibrant spirit showcasing the bold, robust flavors of Westward's whiskey against the backdrop of flavor imparted by Oregon's premier grape varietal.

Tasting Notes

Fruity and robust, with plum, apricot leather, and chocolate ganache notes. Flavors include apple, plantain, and nutmeg, with a rich, dried fruit and sweet malt finish.

Suggested Serves

  • Enjoy this neat, on the rocks, or in an Old-Fashioned. For the unexpected, amplify both flavors: mix up a New York Sour with a pinot noir float.

Westward American Single Malt Whiskey Pinot Noir Cask Accolades

One of the tastiest spirits of 2020 - Bloomberg

Westward American Single Malt Whiskey Pinot Noir Cask Production Notes

It start with the brewing of an artisanal American Ale from scratch, made from locally malted barley, ale yeast, and fermented at a slow, low temperature. This is then distilled twice in custom-designed low-reflux pot stills, transforming the fresh flavorful ale into whiskey. That whiskey is matured to perfection in new, lightly charred American Oak barrels selected to accentuate the bold characteristics of Westward's whiskey.  Finally, the barrels are finished for up to two years in pinot noir casks sourced from the region's award-winning wine producers.

Founder Facts

In 2004, when the American craft distillery movement was still in its infancy, Westward's Founder and Master Distiller Christian Krogstad - a former brewer and winemaker set out to achieve his vision of making a distinctive American Single Malt inspired by the abundance, beauty, and American Northwest.  Today, Westward has built an impressive reputation and a tantalizing array of exceptional products as a leading voice for American Single Malt.


Westward Whiskey hails from Oregon, in the American Northwest, whose unique culture, climate, and abundant resources are all part of creating this world class whiskey.

General Characteristics:

Size: 750ml
Proof: 90 proof
Main Ingredient: Barley
Country of Origin: United States

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