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Xicaru Mezcal

Experience the Artisanal Craftsmanship of Xicaru Mezcal

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Experience the Artisanal Craftsmanship of Xicaru Mezcal

Mesmerizing for its traditional process and nuanced flavors, Xicaru Mezcal immortalizes the essence of Oaxaca, Mexico’s rich spirit culture. Imbibers worldwide are captivated by its unique durian notes and smoky pepperness, an intoxicating blend that sets Xicaru Mezcal apart in the ever-growing competitive world of mezcal.

What is Xicaru Mezcal?

Xicaru Mezcal is a highly respected producer of traditional Oaxacan spirits situated in the heart of Mexico. Harnessing the ancient art methods, Xicaru comes up with a Mezcal line that features a dazzling array of agave variants. Master mezcalero Fernando Santibañez’s passion for mezcal is reflected in a creation that embodies pure Oaxacan spirit - earthy, raw and bursting with nuanced flavor profiles. The signature product, Xicaru Silver, boasts 100% Espadin agave, double distilled in a copper pot still. Other offerings include the Reposado and Anejo, which bring new characteristics enriched by the magic of time and barrel aging.

What is the history of Xicaru Mezcal?

The story of Xicaru Mezcal is all about preserving the traditional ways of mezcal making and enhancing it through dedication and mastery. The brand’s founder, Fernando Santibañez, embarked on his journey of mezcal creation with the goal of staying true to the ancestral methods of Oaxaca, which he embraced to craft mezcal that's distinctively authentic. Named after the Zapotec word meaning 'natural and attractive', Xicaru reflects its creator’s respect for natural processes and love for beauty. Through it all, the brand remains steadfast in upholding its principles of environmental sustainability and fair trade, reinforcing their commitment to the mezcal artisans, their families, and the community. Read Less
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