The Inaugural Holiday Craft Spirits Gift Guide 2020

Give The Gift of Quality and Passion

Bottles of Avua Copan, Bulrush Gin, and Amaro Nonino over backdrops of gold and trees.


Independent craft spirit entrepreneurs are a passionate crowd. Against the odds they set off on a journey to discover, create, hone, and share a product to be truly proud of. They hunt for the ideal ingredients, develop recipes and refine techniques through painstaking iteration, and continue to evolve as artisans while never forgetting their roots.

This holiday, we want to help you give the gift of quality and passion to your colleagues, friends, and family members. The gift of craft is distinctive and personal. It also helps support small independent businesses and the friends, families, and communities they're comprised of. By buying local —even if local isn’t in your own backyard— you’re helping sustain and secure the dreams and passions of entrepreneurs who give it their all to create something worth sharing.

Be assured: the one thing these selections have in common is that they are definitely worth sharing. 

Happy Holidays!

Spirits Ideal For...

For the curious gin drinker and anyone who wants their bar cart to leave an impression

All Points West Pink Pepper Cathouse Gin Buy Online

Cathouse Pink Peppercorn Gin by All Points West Distillery

  • The unique flavor and color will delight gin aficionados always on the search for a great new bottle.
  • Pink gin is in. Plus it looks swanky on a bar cart.
  • The tasting profile is all warmth and nostalgia: cinnamon, rosemary and a nearly minty finish.

Distilled by a team of 3 in Newark, New Jersey.  

For the restless traveler, that friend who owns a pair of handmade sandals bought at a roadside shop on a dusty street somewhere in Latin America

Corte Vetusto Espadin Buy Online

Corte Vetusto Espadin by Corte Vetusto

  • About as authentic as you can get - artesanal mezcal crafted using methods that date back 500 years.
  • Truly one of a kind. Wild yeast fermentation means each batch of mezcal has distinctive flavors owing to the particular yeasts, while retaining a hallmark profile across batches.
  • Despite having won all the big awards (multiple times!), still a best-kept secret .

Distilled by one Maestro Mezcalero in Mitla, Oaxaca.

For people who read historical biographies or the cousin who orders boilermakers at the bar

All Points West Malt and Grain Whiskey For Sale Online

Malt and Grain Whiskey by All Points West Distillery

  • A true craft spirit distilled in small 150 gallon stills.
  • Brings back a historical style of distilling that had fallen out of favor for more than a century.
  • 2019 double gold award winner from USA Spirits Ratings.
  • Receives rave reviews from Curiada insiders.

Distilled by a team of 4 in Newark, New Jersey.  

For experimental at-home mixologists who have perfected their cocktail mixer shake

Roots Mastic Liqueur Buy Online Against Snowy Red Backdrop

Roots Mastic Liqueur by Finest Roots Spirits - available

  • A unique, never-heard-of-it-before spirit.
  • Produced in Greece's oldest distillery using a 160-year-old traditional recipe.
  • Versatile flavor profile and a bottle with class.

Crafted by a team of 9 in Greece. 

For anyone who likes to to stick around and relax at the table after a great dinner

Amaro Nonino Quintessentia Amaro For Sale Online against a backdrop of preserved citrus and spices

Amaro Nonino Quintessentiaavailable

  • An amaro from Italy's most famous grappa-distilling family - seven generations of them.
  • Made from a precisely chosen cornucopia of spices and grape distillate form a flavorful, exotic, cozy, sweet and bitter digestif.
  • The perfect accompaniment to winter dinner parties with family and friends. 

Crafted in the Fiuli-Venezia Giulia region of Italy

For the bourbon drinker who's gone deep into whiskey and is now starting to wonder what good rum is all about

Ron Izalco 15 Year Cask Strength Buy Online

Ron Izalco 15 Year Cask Strength by Phenomenal Spirits

  • A natural next-step for whisky lovers of all kinds
  • A blend of Central American style rums aged a minimum of 15 years, no added sugar or anything else
  • Pairs exceedingly well with cigars
  • Need more? The Phenomenal Spirits bundle: 10 year, 15 year & Ry3

Produced by a small team in Virginia Beach

For sun seekers, summer dreamers, those who crave the feeling of sand between the toes

Abelha Organic Cachaca Prata Buy Online

Prata Organic Cachaça by Abelha
  • 100% organic and 100% sustainably produced
  • From the Bahia region, which is known as the soul of Brazil
  • Drink well, do good: The sugar cane is harvested by local workers paid a premium wage. The team at Abelha contributes to the improvement of the Rio de Contas region by helping local farmers learn and become certified in organic sugarcane farming methods, which commands high market prices.

Produced by a team of 25 people in Brazil. 

For the person who comes to mind when you think of Southern tailgates, campfires, and batched cocktails that turn late morning brunch into early evening drinks

Bulrush Gin Buy Online

Bulrush Gin by Bulrush
  • Celebrates the spirit of Southern hospitality
  • Craft through-and-through: made 500 bottles at a time with many of the botanicals sourced from local growers
  • Only recently became available nationwide, so sure to be a new addition to any gin lovers shelf
  • Batches beautifully for all sorts of gatherings

Distilled by 3 people in South Carolina. 

For both cool uncles and classic ones. Also ideal for anyone with a shelf full of Scotch.

Courage & Conviction American Single Malt Buy Online

Courage & Conviction American Single Malt Whisky by Virginia Distillery Co.

  • Introduce the dedicated Scotch drinker to something new: this just-released whisky, which our Curiada spirits taster declared the best American Single Malt he'd ever had
  • For the purist, this is the first full release from the up and coming Virginia Distillery Co., which means in-house production from beginning to end
  • Committed to transparency: you can find out everything you'd want to know (and more!) about your particular batch of whisky through their website

Produced by a team in Lovington, VA 

For friends or neighbors who grill often, and anyone who loves to serve meat and cheese boards at parties

Black Button Distilling Four Grain Straight Bourbon Buy Online

Four Grain Straight Bourbon by Black Button Distilling - available

  • Help your neighbors mix up it up by introducing this bottle of grain-to-glass goodness.
  • Founder and distiller Jason Barrett has been making these high quality spirits the old-fashioned way, with ingredients local to Upstate New York since 2012
  • As evidence of their lifetime commitment to the area, the distillery has recently opened a farm where they will begin growing many their own ingredients for use in their spirits

Produced by a dedicated team of 60 people in Rochester, NY.

For the collector, the person sporting limited edition sneakers. For the owner of an autographed, game-worn jersey or a complete set of Blantons.

Avua Copan Limited Edition Cachaca Buy Online

Copan Cachaça by Avuá

  • An ultra-limited edition from Avuá. Only 600 have been made. Or ever will be. The first in their native wood series, so there's still time to get your collector in on the ground floor.
  • A collaboration between Avuá, Craig Schoettler of MGM resorts and Hardy Cognac.
  • Avuá cachaça aged in tapinhoā (an extremely rare hardwood) barrels then rests for more than six months in Hardy Cognac casks. This imbues the spirit with the rich, refined flavors of cognac, making it a not-to-be-missed bottle.

Produced by a small team of people in Brazil

For down-to-earth bourbon enthusiasts who are no longer on the hunt but still really enjoy a good (not overhyped) bottle

RY3 Rye Whiskey Buy Online

RY3 by Phenomenal Spirits - available

  • Newly released rye from one-to-watch Phenomenal Spirits
  • A blend of three whiskys: three mashbills, three age statements adding up to a  one-of-a-kind experience
  • Finished in Ron Izalco casks. Makes it truly heavenly on the nose and deepens the fruity complexity on the palette.

Produced by a small team in Virginia Beach, VA.

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