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About Curiada 

Curiada is a new craft and artisan spirits marketplace that helps people discover, explore, and enjoy unique and hard-to-find spirits. Our excellent spirits are delivered directly to your door in numerous locations across the United States. 

Curiada supports small, independent, and up-and-coming distillers, producers, and artisans. Our platform helps them tell their stories and get their bottles into the hands of more people in more places.

Curiada curates collections of craft spirits that are refreshed on a continual basis. Consumers are provided with an easy way to discover and enjoy these boutique, previously inaccessible brands. And small suppliers take center stage on our craft-only platform where they can captivate eager, cocktail-loving fans.

Curiada opened its virtual doors in June 2020.  We currently work with 250+ craft spirit suppliers. We confer orders to a group of licensed retailers who deliver across many different US localities.



Adam Caplan



Adam Caplan, co-founder Curiada craft spirits


Chief Brand & Content Officer 
(primary press contact)

Joanna Franchini



Joanna Franchini co-founder Curiada craft spirits


Joey Robinson



Joey Robinson co-founder Curiada craft spirits 

Logos & Brand Imagery for Download - available here 

Press Mentions

Virginia Distillery Company's Courage & Conviction now available through Curiada (Craft Spirits Magazine, 11/2020)
How to buy craft and local spirits online - and why it's more important than ever that you do (Inside Hook, 8/2020)
Spotlight launch: award-winning super premium Ron Izalco 10-Year Rum (Chilled Magazine, 8/2020)
Skaneateles native helps launch online shopping site for rare high-end liquors (Syracuse.com, 7/2020)
Skaneateles native co-founder of new craft spirits delivery service (Auburn Citizen, 7/2020) 
Curiada brings craft spirits to the masses (Boozy Burbs, 6/20)
Buying craft spirits online (Travel Distilled, 6/2020)
The Best New Way to Discover Unique Craft Spirits (Swagger Magazine, 6/2020)


How do you select the spirits featured on Curiada?
When deciding which new spirits to add to the Curiada portfolio we take into account a combination of factors: expert opinions, supplier reputation, awards and accolades, ratings, unbiased reviews, and customer requests. In every case, each bottle is first tasted by an expert in that spirit category who assesses it fairly and honestly to ensure quality. Brands featured on Curiada do not pay for placement.

What makes Curiada different from other spirits outlets online?
Curiada's ethos is all about discovery and exploration. For us, discovery happens on the first page - rather than being forced into the endless scroll. Other sites make it very difficult to surface new, interesting, and off-the-beaten-path spirits, or they put their thumb on the scale by only sharing brands that financially incentivize them to do so. We're different in that we select brands based on quality first, and then we work alongside the supplier to tell a compelling story about their products to excite consumers.   

What motivates a supplier to work with Curiada?
First, our audience is made up of highly engaged craft spirits enthusiasts. Naturally curious and open, they enjoy exploring the wide world of spirits. Further, they know what makes a high-quality product and they want to be the first to share a new find with their friends. It's the kind of audience most craft spirit suppliers are seeking. Second, on Curiada, craft suppliers are in good company. They know that they will always be featured next to brands that are similar to their own: premium and artisan. Last, because of our retail partnerships, we have the capacity to serve customers in 25 states, which means the normally arduous process of building a brand city by city, state by state has just become much more streamlined. This is of tremendous value for an entrepreneur with limited time and resources!

Where does the name Curiada comes from?
Curiada is a (made-up!) portmanteau of the word "curiosity" and the word "curadoria," which is Portuguese for curation. We pronounce it: /kjʊr/-/i/-/ɑd/-/ə/ (cure-ee-odd-uh).

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