Orders over $200 ship free. Use code STOCKUP. Orders over $200 ship free. Use code STOCKUP.

The scoop on the free shipping collection

The cost to ship spirits is high. 

Bottles can be a little heavy, they require extra packaging, and extra care. Then there's insurance, adult signatures required, and all sorts of fees for reattempted deliveries and more. 

At Curiada we think it's best to take care of all of this.

Ensure excellent packaging, proactive communication, and speedy issue resolution. In fact, we even call people on the phone when there's an issue (thankfully, there aren't many problems*).

We offer flat-rate shipping of $17.99, and trust us... The average cost per order is more like $20.00. We're doing the best we can to keep this cost low. 

This problem provided an opportunity. 

There are remarkable craft and independent brands that have a challenge of encouraging people to try their spirits. We decided to work with them to give you free shipping. 

So, when you add a bottle from this always rotating free shipping collection, your order ships for free. Perhaps it's a good reason to discover something new?

Yours truly,

Adam, Joanna, and Joey


 *knock on wood

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