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1643 Alpine Gin

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About 1643 Alpine Gin

750ml & 84 Proof

1643 Alpine Gin was distilled at a 400-year-old farm distillery in Southern Austria which has been in the same family for 13 generations. Made with fresh juniper and hand-peeled citrus, both local to the region, this gin is soft, floral, fresh, and distinctive.
Be one of the few to experience this small-batch, limited-run gin (there are only 3000 bottles in existence) that draws on and celebrates the incredible agricultural origins of the Southern Austrian Alps.  

Tasting Notes

Fresh juniper and hand-peeled citrus define this gin. Unlike the resinous pine notes typically associated with pine juniper, fresh Italian juniper imparts soft, floral, citric notes that pair beautifully with Italian lemon and orange peels.  The high notes give way to Austrian rosemary, with a subtle but supportive backbone from the peppers and spice, including nutmeg and long pepper, finally finishing with a slight marzipan-esque sweetness.

Suggested Serves

  • Keep it in-country with an Austrian 75. This cocktail features 1643 Alpine Gin, simple syrup and freshly-squeezed lime juice, topped off with your choice of Austrian sparkling wine for an elegant, Austrian finish.

  • Also check out The Bee's Tease and The Easy Gin Fizz -- recipes in the accompanying images!


Silver - New York World Wine & Spirits Competition, 2021

Production Notes

1643 Alpine Gin was distilled by Liba Spirits cofounders Colton Weinstein and Devon Trevathan at Kuenz Naturbrennerei in Gödnach, Austria. The recipe was influenced by the founders' personal preferences for gin profiles as well as the regional agriculture and historic distilling traditions of the southern Austrian Alps.
This gin is made using a methodology that some might consider unique: three distillates are made via maceration and distillation, one comprising 100% fresh Italian Juniper, one with fresh lemon and orange hand-peeled on-site, and one with the remaining ‘botanical’ (spices and herbs) blend. This allows for specialized distillation runs and heads/tails cuts specific to the ingredient, which maximizes the resultant flavor and aroma profiles. The distillates are then blended to the desired proportions and allowed to rest and mingle with each other while water is slowly added until bottle strength is reached.  

Founder Facts

1643 Alpine Gin is the first spirit made by the nomadic distilling company Liba Spirits, which was founded by Colton Weinstein and Devon Trevathan in 2020. Both Colton and Devon have backgrounds, professional expertise, and deep knowledge in the distilled spirits industry. Colton was head distiller at Corsair Artisan Distillery in Nashville, TN for a number of years and Devon is an industry veteran of both Corsair and Maggie's Farm Rum. She is also a contributing writer to Artisan Spirit magazine. 
Liba and its founders are nomadic: they make spirits all over the world.  They have chosen to define their company by the agriculture and techniques that go into each distillation, and will continue to do so in destinations the world over. 


The distillery where 1643 Gin was distilled is located in the southern Austrian Alps - 45 minutes north of the Italian border in a region known as Ost Tyrol. This gin pays homage to the region in both idea and execution: the juniper, lemon, and orange all come from Verona, Italy, while the rosemary, ginger, and spices draw from the local towns around the distillery in the Alps and the wild apple coming from trees at the distillery itself. 

Alpine cuisine is marked by the use of exceptional ingredients in simple recipes that have withstood the test of time. This same philosophy was applied to the distillation of 1643 Alpine Gin. The choice was to use comparatively fewer botanicals, focusing on those that that bring a distinctive sense of the region, one of Europe's agricultural epicenters. This is also reflected in the distilling techniques the team chose to employ, creating and capturing expressive aromas and flavors in the final spirit. The terroir of this gin is defined in large part by the fresh Italian juniper used, which imparts a soft, floral, but still distinguishably pine-like aroma conjuring the lush valleys and crisp mountains of the Alps.  

General Characteristics:

Size: 750ml
Proof: 84 proof
Main Ingredient: Juniper Berries
Country of Origin: Germany

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