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Bourbon Legend Set: Savage & Cooke + Tumblin’ Dice + Wilderness Trail

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About The Bourbon Legend Set: Savage & Cook + Tumblin' Dice + Wilderness Trail

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This set includes:

This set includes the three bourbons recommended to pair with  Shaker & Spoon’s Bourbon Legend Box. You can try each one with all the featured cocktails in the box, and still have plenty of bourbon left over for your own crafted creations!

Recommended by: Sharon Yeung, Bruce Shultz, and Benny Hurwitz

Sharon Yeung recommends Savage & Cooke Cask Finished Bourbon. “I was happy to find that the rye in the mashbill of the Savage & Cook Cask Finished Bourbon really stood out, giving it that dash of spice I look for. And it worked so well to balance with the dryness of the Cabernet casks they used to finish the aging, and the honey, caramel, and vanilla you get from natural barrel toast.”

Bruce Shultz recommends Tumblin’ Dice Heavy Rye Bourbon: “This bourbon has a nice spice from its high rye mash bill at 36%, plus notes of cocoa, toffee, vanilla, and leather. At 100 proof, it boasts a smooth body with a nice rich finish.”

Benny Hurwitz recommends Wilderness Trail Wheated Bourbon: “I love how wheated bourbons usually have a slightly sweeter flavor profile. The distiller uses a mash bill of 64% corn, 24% wheat, and 12% barley. Wilderness Trail Wheated is also bottled in bond, so though it has a sweetness, it also has a great backbone due to being bottled at 100 proof. The sweetness of the bourbon with the strength of 50% ABV lends itself nicely to a strong cocktail.”

Last Updated: 04/09/2024

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