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Chairman's Reserve The Forgotten Casks Rum

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About Chairman's Reserve The Forgotten Casks Rum

Chairman's Reserve The Forgotten Casks Rum, a unique blend crafted to honor St. Lucia Distillers, is a matchless spirit that owes its inception to a historic incident. Initiated after a devastating fire in 2007 led to an unforeseen storage of several casks, this rum became an emblem of fortitude presenting a taste to cherish. Being forgotten, these casks aged longer, developing their now-iconic, unforgettable taste. This spirit is marked by flavor, quality, and a slight touch of fate. 

Tasting Notes

On the nose, vanilla, honey and roasted nuts. On the palate, a full-bodied mouthfeel exudes a complex blend of spices, tobacco and dried fruits that evokes its prolonged maturation. The finish leaves a lasting impression of chocolate, vanilla and aged oak, wrapping up a gratifying tasting journey.

Suggested Serves

  • Chairman's Forgotten Cask Old Fashioned: The vanilla and honey notes complement the stirred sugar and angostura bitters in this classic cocktail.
  • Rum Punch: The invigorating blend of fruits in a Punch gets an elevated kick from the robust Chairman's Reserve.
  • Chairman's Espresso Rumtini: The rich, coffee-esque finish of the rum pairs impeccably well with espresso in this invigorating serve.

Production Notes

Chairman's Reserve The Forgotten Casks Rum begins its journey with a meticulous selection of the finest sugarcane. After careful fermentation, the wash is distilled using a combination of pot and column stills. The spirit is then aged separately by still in ex-Bourbon barrels. The longer than usual aging leads to an intensified interaction with the wood, endowing the rum with an exceptional array of flavors. It is bottled at a higher proof than the regular Chairman's reserve to honor the robustness of the forgotten casks. 

700ml & 80 Proof

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