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Denizen Vatted Dark Rum

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About Denizen Vatted Dark Rum

Denizen Vatted Dark Rum is a fresh take on old world techniques in rum production. Born from a unique blend of multiple rum styles from distilleries across the Caribbean and South America, each bottle of Denizen tells a delicious story. What makes Denizen Vatted Dark Rum truly special is its dedicated vatted ageing process, resulting in a sophisticated, rich and robust rum. The meticulous selection and maturation ensure that every sip transports you to the exotic locales where the rum is born. This rum is truly unique, Find it easily here, where you can buy, order, and shop it online.

Tasting Notes

Full-bodied flavor with baked peach, fresh starfruit, green plantain and a baking spice finish.

Suggested Serves

Denizen Vatted Dark Rum is versatile, bringing to life an array of cocktails.

For a classic serve, try it in a Dark and Stormy, where its bold flavors dovetail beautifully with ginger beer, enhancing the cocktail's warm, spicy undertones.

In a Barista Fashioned, pair Denizen with coffee liqueur and Angostura bitters for a unique twist. Garnish with an orange slice. 

Lastly, in a Daiquiri, the tropical fruit notes of the rum shine, resulting in a refreshing, summery cocktail that dances on your palate.

Production Notes

Vatted Dark is a 100 proof blend of 80% full-bodied dark rum from Guyana and 20% fresh unaged Rhum Agricole from La Favorite Distillery in Martinique. Distilled with a collection of antique multi-column and wooden pot stills, and fashioned in the old vatted style from the mid-18th century.

750ml & 100 Proof

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