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Edradour 10 Year Old Scotch Whisky

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About Edradour 10 Year Old Scotch Whisky

Delight in the enchanting taste of Edradour 10 Year Old Scotch Whisky, a testament to the art of traditional whisky-making. Nestled in the picturesque hills of the Scottish Highlands, Edradour Distillery has been producing exceptional single malts since 1825. Allow us to guide you through the alluring tasting notes, a sublime cocktail suggestion, and the time-honored production process that make this whisky truly exceptional.

Tasting Notes

Edradour 10 Year Old Scotch Whisky captivates the senses with its rich and complex profile. The nose is greeted by a medley of dried fruits, vanilla, and a hint of toasted oak. On the palate, you'll discover flavors of creamy toffee, dried fruits, and a touch of spice, culminating in a long, warm finish that leaves a delightful hint of smokiness.

Cocktail Recommendation

The Highland Old Fashioned Savor the charm of Scotland with The Highland Old Fashioned, a classic cocktail that showcases the exquisite flavors of Edradour 10 Year Old Scotch Whisky. Combined with maple syrup, Angostura bitters, and a twist of orange, this timeless libation offers a contemporary twist on a beloved favorite.


  • 2 oz Edradour 10 Year Old Scotch Whisky
  • 0.5 oz maple syrup
  • 2 dashes Angostura bitters
  • Orange twist, for garnish


  1. Fill a mixing glass with ice.
  2. Add Edradour 10 Year Old Scotch Whisky, maple syrup, and Angostura bitters.
  3. Stir well until chilled and combined.
  4. Strain into a chilled glass filled with a large ice cube.
  5. Garnish with an orange twist.

Production Notes

The magic of Edradour 10 Year Old Scotch Whisky lies in its time-honored production process. Crafted using traditional methods and equipment, this exquisite single malt is distilled in small copper stills and aged for a minimum of 10 years in premium oak casks. The result is a captivating whisky that embodies the spirit of Scotland's smallest distillery.

Indulge in the enchanting taste of Edradour 10 Year Old Scotch Whisky, a true celebration of Scotland's rich whisky-making heritage.

750ml & 86 Proof

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Product Details

Size: 750ml

Proof: 86

Main Ingredient: Malted Barley

Country of Origin: Scotland

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