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Galliano Autentico Liqueur

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About Galliano Autentico Liqueur

Liqueur connoisseurs will appreciate the unique complexity of Galliano Autentico Liqueur, a spirit with deep roots and a compelling history. Produced since 1896, this Italian classic spotlights the artistry of its creator, Arturo Vaccari. Made in the golden hills of Livorno, it stands out with its unique herbal flavor profile derived from over 30 different herbs, roots, and spices.

Galliano Autentico Liqueur is renowned for its distinctive ‘hierbas’ or herbal flavor, which is key to its versatility in a variety of cocktails. With its elongated, architecturally inspired bottle, this bottle is a stand-out on any home bar.

For those looking to buy a bottle of Galliano Autentico Liqueur, online shopping offers convenient access to this remarkable spirit.

Tasting Notes

When sipping on Galliano Autentico Liqueur, you'll experience a delightful sensory journey. On the nose, notes of sweet vanilla, anise, and citrus usher in a complex bouquet. On the palate, the liqueur has a rich and smooth honeyed texture. The flavor echoes the nose with a symphony of botanicals— star anise, juniper, musk yarrow, and lavender play a symphony on the palate. A warm hint of ginger adds an adventurous undertone. This melange of flavors lingers in the finish, leaving a pleasant echo of the herbal notes that make this liqueur truly unique.

Suggested Serves

  • Harvey Wallbanger: The classic cocktail that shot Galliano Autentico Liqueur to fame – vodka, orange juice, and a Galliano flourish make for a refreshing, tangy delight.
  • Golden Cadillac: This 1950s classic cocktail features Galliano, cream, and crème de cacao for a luxurious, dessert-like drink.
  • Livorno Spritz: Use your favorite spritz specs to give 

Production Notes

Producing Galliano Autentico Liqueur is an art in itself. The process begins with the careful selection and infusion of various herbs, roots, and spices. Seven infusions and six distillates are created, each uniquely contributing to the final recipe.

Galangal and star anise add intriguing spiciness, while lavender and vanilla provide a smooth sweetness. These distillates are then blended together and aged in vats for several months to mature and harmonize the flavors.

When the blend meets Galliano's rigorous quality standards, it is finished with a final touch of vanilla distillate, sealed, and ready to be served to consumers online and in stores.

375ml & 84.6 Proof

Last Updated: 04/05/2024

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