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Hamilton Beachbum Berry's Zombie Blend Rum

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About Hamilton Beachbum Berry's Zombie Blend Rum

Discover what Tiki is all about with Hamilton Beachbum Berry's Zombie Rum Blend. A collaborative masterpiece by Ed Hamilton and renowned Tiki expert Jeff "Beachbum" Berry, this blend is specialized for creating the perfect Zombie cocktail, a famous tiki drink recipe, originally mixed in the 1930's. With the Zombie Blend Rum, you will experience a refined, flavorful rum that serves as a tribute to the rich history of tiki culture, bringing you a slice of tropical paradise, no matter where you are.

Tasting Notes

Nose: Mystery and complexity jump out at the first whiff. Hamilton Beachbum Berry's Zombie Blend Rum wafts an alluring blend of tropical fruits, from the sweet fullness of ripe bananas to the citric punch of limes, combined with warm, comforting notes of vanilla and brown sugar.

Mouthfeel: On the palate, it cascades a complex balance of sweet molasses and exotic fruits, with a playful hint of spice. The symphony of flavors delivers a rich, multi-dimensional taste that lingers enticingly.

Aftertaste: The rum leaves a lasting finish, a bouquet of tropical warmth tinged with a subtle hint of oak and spice. It is this enduring flavour-profile that will undoubtedly tempt you for another sip.

Suggested Serves

  • Zombie Cocktail: The raison d'être of the Zombie Blend Rum. It's where the rum truly shines, transforming the cocktail into a resurrection of the original 1930s taste.
  • Jet Pilot: Worth the many ingredients required to make this blended drink, this cocktail was crafted after the classic 1958 Jet Pilot from the Beverly Hills Luau restaurant.
  • Tortuga: Known for its bold and diverse flavors, combining citrus, sweetness, and the strong character of the Hamilton Beachbum Berry's Zombie Rum Blend.

Production Notes

Hamilton Beachbum Berry's Zombie Rum Blend is a testament to the art of rum blending and Tiki culture. The blend was crafted over two years, with Ed Hamilton and Jeff Berry experimenting with numerous rum combinations. Their goal was to create a rum blend that could simplify the making of a Zombie cocktail while maintaining its complex flavor profile. The final product, with an ABV of 59%, achieves this by offering intense rum flavors in a concentrated form, thereby reducing the need for multiple rum bottles in a single cocktail. The rums used in this blend include a three-year-old Trinidadian rum replacing the “Puerto Rican” component, overproof Demerara rum from Guyana, and Jamaican rum. Bottled at 118 proof and sold in 1-liter bottles, this blend is not only ideal for the Zombie cocktail but is also versatile enough for a range of other Tiki classics, such as the Jet Pilot, Cobra’s Fang, and Tortuga. 

Buy Hamilton Beachbum Berry's Zombie Rum Blend online and the zany joy of Tiki awaits!

1000ml & 108 Proof

Last Updated: 01/22/2024

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