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High N' Wicked 5 Year Old Kentucky Straight Bourbon

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About High N' Wicked 5 Year Old Kentucky Straight Bourbon

Years in the making. High N' Wicked 5 Year Old Kentucky Straight Whiskey is now available. While this spirit has a bold name, elegant bottle, and creative label, beyond all that is an ethos of attention to detail that rings through every step of the whiskey development process. As just one example, the bourbon landed at 104 proof, and this is by way of rigorous tasting and blind sampling from dozens of industry experts, bartenders, merchants, journalists and other trusted palettes. Rigorous bourbon tasting may sound tongue and cheek, but the process meant hundreds of samples at dozens of proof and tedious reporting to arrive at the proof which best honors the ingredients and distillation process by showcasing a balanced and bold flavor.

Tasting Notes

Rich, full and subtly buttery on the palate. Sweet flavor notes dance with a spectrum of mild spices evoking complex baked pies in both aroma and flavor.  

Production Notes

High N' Wicked Bourbon is fermented in a sweet mash. Sweet mash allows for different mash bills, expanding the character of a bourbon. The whiskey is bottled without chill filtration and no additives. Following a rigorous and detailed process, High N' Wicked Bourbon is distilled, aged, blended, and bottled in Kentucky.

Mash Bill

  • 51% Corn
  • 39% Rye
  • 10% Malted Barley

750ml & 104 Proof

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Product Details

Size: 750ml

Proof: 104

Main Ingredient: Bourbon

Country of Origin: United States

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