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Kentucky Owl Takumi Edition

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About Kentucky Owl Takumi Edition

The Kentucky Owl Takumi Edition is a gem in the world of spirits. This sought-after brand actually dates back to 1879, when C.M Dedman founded the company. However, the brand's initial glory was short-lived, as prohibition forced the distillery's closure in 1919.

In 2014, Master Blender Dixon Dedman, the great-great-grandson of the original founder, resurrected the brand and blended a new batch of bourbon. In the 21st Century, Kentucky Owl was reborn, offering traditionally crafted spirits with contemporary expertise.

Inspired by their partnership with the Japanese distillery Chichibu, Kentucky Owl presents this limited-edition release of bourbon whiskey - the Takumi Edition. This distinguished blend showcases the fusion of meticulous Japanese distilling methods and the heritage of Kentucky's bourbon production. The allure of this product lies in its unique production process, entailing its aging in Mizunara oak barrels, providing this bourbon with its signature complexity and depth.

Rich, compelling, and holding a unique place in history, Kentucky Owl Takumi Edition is a must-have for serious collectors and enthusiasts.

Tasting Notes

The bourbon graciously introduces itself with dominant aromas of smoky caramel, vanilla bean, and a hint of exotic spice. One the palate, the full-bodied spirit expresses robust flavors of dark chocolate, dried fruits, and a touch of oak delivered with remarkable smoothness. The finish of Kentucky Owl Takumi is truly memorable, marked by an exquisite balmy sensation and lingering notes of mild honey and spice. 

Suggested Serves

  • Takumi Neat: A straightforward serve, allowing the astonishing facets of the bourbon to shine through unimpeded.
  • For those who dare, a Kentucky Owl Old Fashioned: The depth of the bourbon adds an extra layer of complexity to this classic cocktail, highlighting the intricate blend of flavors in Takumi Edition.

Production Notes

The Kentucky Owl Takumi Edition is crafted using a combination of grains, including corn, malted barley, and rye, producing a unique mash bill.

The spirit is then aged in American new charred oak barrels before maturing further in the highly prized Mizunara oak barrels from Japan. The result of this intricate double barrel-aging process is the unparalleled taste and quality that Kentucky Owl Takumi Edition delivers.

750ml & 100 Proof

Last Updated: 11/28/2023

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