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Kuleana Hokulei Aged Rum

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About Kuleana Hokulei Aged Rum

Hōkūlei is a blend of seven rums sourced from around the world, including Kuleana Rum Works' own Aged Hawaiian Rum Agricole, creating a sublime sipping rum that rivals the world’s finest spirits.

Definition of Hōkūlei: It means "garland of stars" and referes to a constellation of stars forming a lei and marking the middle of the night sky.

Tasting Notes for Kuleana Hokulei Aged Rum

Ripe banana, saltwater taffy, toasted pineapple, lime zest, clove, nutmeg, vanilla, Caribbean jerk spices, mangosteen, passion fruit, Medjool dates, dry sherry, rum soaked raisin, and toasted oak with hints of koji mushrooms.

Suggested Serves

Hōkūlei was made for sipping, just pour it into your favorite glass, add ice if you prefer, and enjoy!

Production Notes

The base rum is a blend of four molasses-based rums from Panama, Nicaragua, Barbados, and Venezuela. Distilled between 85%-94% ABV, they are relatively light rums, aged 2-3 years, 3-8 years, 5-8 years, and 8 years, respectively. The two body rums create gorgeous layers of depth and flavor: the lightly aged and flavor-rich Aged Hawaiian Rum Agricole made from fresh sugarcane juice and distilled between 60% and 74% ABV; and a 15-year-aged rum made from molasses in Barbados distilled from 90%-94% ABV. The final touch is the accent rum from Trinidad, which is a lovely yet challenging molasses rum. Distilled to 90%-94% ABV and aged 18 years, it offers a level of complexity and intrigue that puts Hōkūlei in the upper echelon of spirits.

Founder Facts

The Kuleana Rum Works team are farmers, blenders, and distillers. They grow ~35 heirloom varieties of kō (Hawaiian heirloom sugarcane), on their 44 acre farm on the Kohala coast on the island of Hawai‘i. They use this kō to create an exceptionally flavorful Hawaiian Rum Agricole, which provides the magic for their world-class family of blends. The distillery never uses any post distillation processing, ensuring all of the products are free of sweeteners, flavors, or coloring, resulting in a family of gluten free, sugar free, and 0 carb rums.

750ml & 92 Proof

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