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Mijenta Blanco Tequila

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About Mijenta Blanco Tequila

Mijenta Blanco Tequila is a premium and artisanal tequila product that stands out for its exceptional flavor profile and sustainable production methods. Originating from the highlands of Jalisco, Mexico, Mijenta Blanco Tequila is crafted with Blue Weber Agaves that are fermented using the traditional tahona method. The brand is committed to respecting and preserving natural resources while promoting fair trade and supporting local Mexican communities. If you are looking to buy a tequila that excels in quality, sustainability, and social responsibility, Mijenta Blanco Tequila makes for an excellent choice.

Tasting Notes

On the nose, Mijenta Blanco Tequila offers fresh and inviting aromas of jasmine, cinnamon, and honey. The mouthfeel is rich and silky, unfolding an orchestra of flavors including ripe agave, tropical fruit, caramel, and subtle spice. The aftertaste is wonderfully balanced and long-lasting, leaving a hint of toasted almonds and mocha that compels you to take another sip. All in all, the tasting experience is refreshingly vibrant and delicately complex.

Recommended By

Caer Maiko, as a recommended spirit to pair with Shaker & Spoon’s Totally Tequila! Box.

“Mijenta Tequila Blanco is a fantastic bottle of tequila: aromatic, elegant, and complex, with unfolding notes of cantaloupe, honey, and cinnamon. It’s bright and crisp and bold enough to have a strong presence in a cocktail. Simply outstanding!” says Caer Maiko. And Mijenta’s mission is pretty outstanding, too! As Caer says, “Mijenta is B-Corp certified and prioritizes inclusive, equitable, and regenerative environmental and economic practices, so it feels good to support them!”

Suggested Serves

  • Mijenta Margarita: The fruity and floral notes of Mijenta Blanco Tequila blend seamlessly with lime juice and agave nectar, delivering a Margarita that is both refreshing and sophisticated.
  • Tequila Sunrise: Enjoy a colorful sunrise in your glass as you mix Mijenta Blanco with orange juice and grenadine. The tequila's natural sweetness perfectly complements the fruitiness of the cocktail.
  • Paloma: If you prefer something a little tart, mix Mijenta Blanco with grapefruit soda for a Paloma that will intrigue your taste buds with its balance of sweet and bitter flavors.

Production Notes

Mijenta Blanco Tequila's production process adheres to ancient Mexican traditions and adapts them to modern and eco-friendly practices. The Blue Weber Agaves are slow-cooked in traditional ovens to extract natural sugars, followed by natural fermentation in wooden vats. The spirit is then double-distilled in copper pot stills and bottled in recycled glass. This meticulous process ensures that every drop of Mijenta Blanco Tequila you order online and serve maintains its integrity and authenticity.

750ml & 80 Proof

Last Updated: 01/16/2024

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