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Pere Labat 59 Rhum Agricole

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About Pere Labat 59 Rhum Agricole

Discover the exceptional Pere Labat 59, a true gem in the world of rhum agricole. Crafted with passion on the quaint island of Marie-Galante, part of Guadeloupe, this unaged rhum agricole stands out with its robust 59% ABV. Pere Labat 59, distilled at the historic Distillerie Poisson, is a celebration of over a century of rum-making heritage, blending traditional techniques with modern flair. Its distinctive flavor profile and smooth mouthfeel make it a must-try for enthusiasts seeking a unique spirit with a rich backstory.

Tasting Notes

Starts assertively with a noticeable alcohol aroma, swiftly giving way to a citrus medley dominated by lemon and grape juice accents, with a subtle vinegar hint. Background notes of fresh-cut grass and a peculiar blend of salty, sour sensations are complemented by a mineral water freshness. Exceptionally smooth on the palate, it introduces acidic mineral hints. The taste mirrors the nose, featuring an array of flavors including grapes, lemons, candy, lemonade with a mild sweetness, banana leaf, and cucumber. The concluding notes are largely herbaceous, with grassy tones and a suggestion of green onion, evolving into mint, sour candy, lemons, and a pronounced grapefruit finale, supported by persistent grape undertones.

Suggested Serves

Tropical Smash: An ode to its Caribbean origin, the fruity punch fizzles impeccably with the Pere Labat 59’s robust character.
Classic Mojito: Let the minty freshness contrast beautifully with the rum’s striking potency.
Rhum Agricole Old Fashioned: A timeless classic that lets Pere Labat 59 flex its complex flavor.

Production Notes

Pere Labat 59 hails from Distillerie Poisson, a distillery steeped in history and situated on rich limestone and volcanic soil. Known for its "minimal intervention" approach, the distillery has been producing fresh cane juice rums for over a century. This specific rhum is made from local cane varieties using a column still acquired in the 1970s. The rhum is rested in wooden foudres for 10-15 days after distillation before being bottled at a local proof of 59%, using local mineral water. The brand Pere Labat is an homage to 17th-century production methods, a nod to the rich heritage and timeless quality of this exquisite rhum agricole.

1 L & 118 Proof

Last Updated: 02/01/2024

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