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Plantation Overproof O.F.T.D. Rum

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About Plantation Overproof O.F.T.D. Rum

Plantation O.F.T.D. Overproof Rum is a rich and complex blend of pot and column still rums from Jamaica, Guyana, and Barbados. This overproof rum boasts a bold and flavorful profile, perfect for cocktails that require a powerful punch.

Little Known Fact

The name "O.F.T.D." stands for "Old Fashioned Traditional Dark" and was coined by a group of bartenders known as the "Overproof Society" who helped create this rum.

Tasting Notes

On the nose, Plantation O.F.T.D. Overproof Rum delivers a strong aroma of banana, apricot, and molasses with hints of vanilla and cinnamon. On the palate, it reveals bold flavors of dark chocolate, espresso, and dried fruit with a long and warming finish.

Cocktail Recommendation

For a bold and flavorful cocktail, try mixing Plantation O.F.T.D. Overproof Rum with pineapple juice, lime juice, and honey syrup to create a tropical-inspired Mai Tai. Garnish with a sprig of fresh mint and enjoy.

Production Notes

This overproof rum is made using a combination of pot and column still rums aged for a minimum of three years. The rums are then carefully blended and bottled at 69% ABV to create a rich and complex flavor profile.

Closing Statement

Elevate your cocktails with the bold and flavorful profile of Plantation O.F.T.D. Overproof Rum. Crafted using a blend of pot and column still rums aged for a minimum of three years, this overproof rum is perfect for creating powerful and delicious cocktails.

1 Liter & 138 Proof 

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Rum-Specific Details

Distillery: Plantation Rum

Distillate Origins: Barbados, Jamaica, Guyana

Distillate Source Material: Molasses

Distillation Type: Pot Still

Product Details

Size: 1L

Proof: 138

Main Ingredient: Sugarcane

Country of Origin: Barbados

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