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Planteray Isle of Fiji Rum

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About Planteray Isle of Fiji Rum

Note: Plantation Rum has rebranded to Planteray Rum. Bottles with both packaging are currently in market. Orders for this product may include either packaging. Same great rum. 

This distinct rum derives from the heart of the South Pacific - the Isle of Fiji. The tropical climate of Fiji renders it perfect for cultivating sugar cane, the key ingredient in this rum. The unique combination of the indigenous yeast and pure, filtered water intermingle to create the perfectly balanced taste of Planteray Isle of Fiji Rum. Its renewable quality and timeless appeal have secured its place among connoisseurs, affirming its reputation for being a go-to choice for rum lovers.

Starting in the early 1980s, Planteray Isle of Fiji Rum honed their rum-making process, perfecting a rum that radiates the most admirable elements of the Island's spirit. History, culture, and tropical intrigue come together in each bottle, making it unique and a compelling choice for those who wish to buy, order, or shop for rum online.

Tasting Notes

The nose of Planteray Isle of Fiji Rum is a surprising tropical bouquet, brimming with ripe banana, coconut, and a hint of vanilla. In the mouth, its medium body glides effortlessly, delivering a rich texture that begins with a sweet cane flavour and ends with a subtle spice on the palate. The finish is a tantalising blend of fruits, spice, and an underlining sugar-cane sweetness that lingers, reminding the drinker of Fiji's tropical charm.

Suggested Serves

  • Fijian Punch: Planteray Isle of Fiji Rum makes for an outstanding Fijian punch, its warm, fruity notes complimenting the sweet and sour symphony of a classic punch.
  • Island Daiquiri: Another iconic serve for this rum is an Island Daiquiri - the crispness of fresh lime cut through the rich, sweet profiles choosing this rum as the base.

Production Notes

Made from pure and locally sourced Fijian sugar cane, Planteray Isle of Fiji Rum respects the tradition of rum-making while adding its innovative touches. The sugar cane is harrowed and crushed within 24 hours of cutting, ensuring the richest flavors. This juice is left to ferment, a process aided by Fiji's tropical temperatures. Post-fermentation, the liquor is distilled in a column still, followed by aging in charred oak barrels. The golden hue and the full-bodied character of the rum are products of this meticulous process. This old-world craftsmanship combined with the new age approach gives the Planteray Isle of Fiji Rum its distinct, unparalleled flavor.

750ml & 80 Proof

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