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Savage & Cooke Cask Finished Bourbon

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About Savage & Cooke Cask Finished Bourbon

Savage & Cooke Cask Finished Bourbon is born in American charred oak barrels where it is then finished in wine casks, for a rich, robust flavor profile. Pair this with an unrivaled meticulousness in the production process, and the result is a world-class bourbon, a unique blend of tradition and innovation.

A taste of Savage & Cooke Cask Finished Bourbon will transport you to its California birthplace – a land of warm climates and lush soils that leaves its mark on every bottle. If you are seeking to buy or order an exceptional bourbon to enhance your online shopping experience, Savage & Cooke Cask Finished Bourbon is the perfect choice.

Tasting Notes

On the nose, this bourbon presents a inviting harmony of dried fruit mingling with a hint of cigar box, vanilla, and spice. The mouthfeel is wonderfully soft yet full-bodied, gifting your palate with a flavor symphony of molasses, banana, and a whisper of pepper. This bourbon leaves you with a long, satisfying aftertaste, complete with notes of pleasant oakiness and a gentle reminder of dark chocolate, that keeps you coming back for more.

Recommended By

Selected by Sharon Yeung as a recommended spirit to pair with Shaker & Spoon’s Bourbon Legend Box.

Sharon Yeung recommends Savage & Cooke Cask Finished Bourbon. “I was happy to find that the rye in the mashbill of the Savage & Cook Cask Finished Bourbon really stood out, giving it that dash of spice I look for. And it worked so well to balance with the dryness of the Cabernet casks they used to finish the aging, and the honey, caramel, and vanilla you get from natural barrel toast.”

Suggested Serves

This bourbon serves wonderfully in sophisticated cocktails:

  • Old Fashioned: the rich and complex flavors of Savage & Cooke Cask Finished Bourbon blend perfectly with bitters and a hint of sugar, creating a timeless cocktail that highlights the spirit’s depth.
  • Boulevardier: The balanced bitterness of this cocktail meets the bourbon’s subtle sweetness with a compelling dance of flavors, resulting in a delightful serve that's ideal for any occasion.

Production Notes

Savage & Cooke Cask Finished Bourbon welcomes you to the dedicated world of craft distilling. Choosing only the best grains, the bourbon is distilled through a precise, time-honored process. Then, it is aged patiently in new American oak barrels, developing its characteristic rich color and aromas. The Bourbon finishes in wine casks, where it acquires its unique final notes. Whether you're looking to browse, shop, or order high-quality whiskey online, add Savage & Cooke Cask Finished Bourbon to your cart today.

750ml & 100 Proof

Last Updated: 04/09/2024

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