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Two James Doctor Bird Moscatel Cask Finish Rum

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About Two James Doctor Bird Moscatel Cask Finish Rum

Two James Doctor Bird Moscatel Cask Finish Rum is a decadent marriage of history and uniqueness. Encompassing the vibrant spirit of Jamaica and the attention to detail from Two James in Detroit, this rum is a reflection of authentic traditions with a modern twist. Made from 100% pot still rum, it captures the strong flavor and esters the region is known for. What takes it a step beyond is the unique finishing process in Moscatel Barrique casks, a method that adds layers of sweetness and complexity to the final product. This exquisite rum is made to be savored and celebrated, it’s a high-quality product and orders can be conveniently placed online. As a spirits enthusiast, it's a fascinating addition to your collection where you can taste the Caribbean’s heritage refined by modern technics.

Tasting Notes

The nose of Two James Doctor Bird Moscatel Cask Finish Rum invites you with notes of tropical fruit, banana, and spices, telegraphing a hint of the flavorful journey ahead. On the mouthfeel, the first sip introduces a harmonious blend of burnt sugar, dried fruits, and a touch of oak, while the traditional Jamaican 'funk' makes its presence known in a robust profile. The unique Moscatel cask finish adds a pleasant sweetness and gives the aftertaste a lingering note of honey and dried apricot, leaving you with a sophisticated rum experience like no other.

Suggested Serves

  • Doctor Bird Daiquiri: The classic daiquiri is given a twist with Two James Doctor Bird. Its unique flavors introduce a new depth to the cocktail, making each sip a delightful treat.
  • Doctor Bird Old Fashioned: Add a tropical take to the Old Fashioned by using Two James Doctor Bird. It enhances the cocktail's richness with its intense rum ‘funk’ and Moscatel finish.

Production Notes

Two James Doctor Bird Moscatel Cask Finish Rum is a progressive spirit staying true to its traditional pot-still rum distillation process from Jamaica. Yet, it takes a brave finish in Moscatel Barique casks that once held sweet Moscatel wine, a vital step that infuses the rum with rich layers of florals and sweetness. This method is a rare instance in rum production, making this rum a conversation starter for enthusiasts. If you’re interested to order or buy this exceptional rum, you can easily browse and shop it online.

750ml & 100 Proof

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Please drink responsibly. CA Residents: Proposition 65 Warning.

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