Online Shopping is the New Normal - for Everything but Spirits

Online Shopping is the New Normal - for Everything but Spirits

At the beginning of all this we started wondering: why we couldn't shop for spirits online the way we shop for everything else? Why the 2010-era websites, endless scrolling across thousands of products, and all the real estate given to the usual names we can already find on the shelves at our local stores? Why wasn't there any easy, modern way to explore, discover, and be able to buy new and interesting spirit brands? 

So we set out to create just that. We wanted to feature spirits you wouldn't see elsewhere and we didn't want to overwhelm people with hundreds of options. Instead, we just sought to showcase the best emerging brands, and shine a spotlight on some established brands that we believe are under-appreciated.

Along the way we learned a lot about how challenging it is for independent craft spirit brands to succeed in the US. The cards are almost completely stacked against them! (And in a very real way, that means the cards are also stacked against people like you, adventurous drinkers who want to find out about new, cool spirit brands). 

So our idea grew from only solving our own problem - how to buy spirits online in a way that made sense to us - to trying to do that while also helping solve some of the problems facing small producers, suppliers, and distillers in the US.

The difficulty for craft spirits brands has only increased by an order of magnitude given the pandemic. With bars, restaurants, events, and experiences completely shuttered for months, the key ways in which these small brands could offer their amazing spirits to people to taste and then buy them have vanished overnight. It's not an exaggeration to say many of these brands, even those you already know and love, are at risk of disappearing. We don't want that to happen!

So Curiada is giving people like you a new way to experience and enjoy distinctive craft spirits that don't show up on your local shelves.

And, we're helping these small suppliers share their stories and products with you, so they don't have to be beholden to the old way of doing things, but can instead connect directly with you, no matter where you happen to be.

Photo credit: Matthew Paul Argall

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