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Tanglin Black Powder, an Award-Winning Gin

Platinum Awarded, Navy Strength

A cocktail in a Tom Collins glass on the back deck with a bottle of Tanglin Black Powder Gin beside it. Refreshing, cool, a sprig of rosemary to garnish.

At the height of the British Empire, the navy gave gin rations to sailors during long voyages. It was used for everything from drinking to cleaning to fighting disease. However, following the boom of gin distilling across the UK, naval officers became suspicious that they were receiving low-quality, low-proof booze from the British government. To be sure all was on the up and up, sailors would pour some of their rationed gin over gunpowder and set it on fire. The gunpowder would only ignite if the gin was at minimum 57% alcohol by volume -- and then the sailors could be sure they were getting the good stuff. No fire, and they would know the gin did not have the required "strength" and they were being cheated.

And that's how a gin that is at least 57% alcohol by volume became known as Navy Strength Gin. 

Tanglin's Black Powder Gin belongs to this category - named after the gunpowder used in navy ships as well as for its bold and bright flavors. It recently set off some fireworks of its own by taking home Platinum at the the world's largest and most prestigious spirits awards, the San Francisco World Spirits Competition.  A spirit can only earn Platinum it has been awarded Double Gold three years in a row. Tanglin Black Powder Gin joins just a small number of global gins who have been awarded Platinum.  Tanglin's other gins fared very well, too.  Orchid Gin was awarded gold and Singapore Gin, in its first outing, took home a Double Gold.

While not for the faint hearted, Tanglin's Black Powder Gin is delicious sipped over ice: with a bright and smooth opening which is followed up by a bittersweet herbal finish and a punch from Java pepper.

Here we're enjoying it paired very simply with Yuzu juice, soda water, and a sprig of fresh rosemary.

The Cloud 9

1.5 oz of Tanglin Black Powder Gin
.75 oz yuzu juice
soda water
sprig of rosemary


Fill a tall glass with ice. Pour gin and yuzu juice into the glass. Stir. Top off with soda water to taste and garnish with a sprig of fresh rosemary.

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