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Black Lives Matter: our values & our commitments

We're a new brand that is (finally) launching next week.

Amidst the grief we feel at the pain and horror of the continued systemic injustices endured by Black Americans which have led our country to this place, we are weirdly grateful to be launching in this moment.  

It has impelled us to be crystal clear on our values and commitments as a company.

We've discussed what practical ways our company can use our influence (small, but hopefully growing!) to help create a fair and equitable future for all, from our day one.  And of course it's necessary that this be an ongoing conversation.

We know the spirits industry -- like so many -- has long been white-dominated, where opportunity was often denied to Black people and minorities.  

Many are working to change that.  We hope their number only grows; we are challenging ourselves to be among them.  

As part of that, we are proactively seeking out and offering our platform at no cost to Black & minority-owned distilleries & producers.

If there are any Black or minority owned businesses -- whether in spirits or beyond -- that you think we should know about, please make the intro.  We'll be doing our own outreach, but we definitely believe in the power of crowds.

We've also linked to some great Black-owned spirits brands on @trycuriada. We encourage you to follow them on social, find out what they're about, learn from them, ask for them by name at your local stores, recommend them to your friends, and enjoy their craft! 

We are still at the beginning of this journey, and are open to any feedback you'd like to share.  Let us know what's on your mind, about this, or anything else!

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