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Copalli Rum

Experience the Distinct and Ethically Producuced Flavors of Copalli Rum

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Experience the Distinct and Ethically Producuced Flavors of Copalli Rum

Blending top-tier taste with sustainable principles, Copalli Rum provides a truly unique drinking experience. Their serenely sippable rums are crafted from organic, fair-trade sugar cane, with the ripe magic of the Belizean rainforest pouring into every bottle.

What is Copalli Rum?

Copalli Rum is a distinctive line of organic, single-estate rums produced in the heart of the Belizean rainforest. Boasting a commitment to sustainability and environmental responsibility, its premium rums are made from just three ingredients: organic heirloom sugar cane, pure rainforest canopy water, and local wild yeast. The result? A range of spirits that balance pure, raw authenticity with unparalleled smoothness.

What is the history of Copalli Rum?

Established by eco-pioneers, Copalli Rum was founded as part of a larger rainforest ecosystem within Belize's Copal Tree Lodge. A sustainable luxury lodge known for its novel approach to eco-tourism, the property also encompasses an organic farm and 22,000-acre nature reserve. Within these fertile environs, the Copalli Rum distillery was born. Since its inception, the brand has been dedicated to sustainable distilling practices, utilizing a fully renewable, tree-to-bottle production process. With each sip of Copalli Rum, you're tasting more than just a spirit. You're experiencing a philosophy, a piece of rainforest, and a narrative of sustainability done right. Read Less
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