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About Cynar

Get inspired by this unconventional, modern Italian amaro. Cynar is made from a secret blend of 13 ingredients, among them cynarine, a natural substance present in artichoke that is believed to prime the taste buds, making food or drink sweeter. Though Cynar doesn't taste like artichoke, this bittersweet liqueur is a distinctive choice for anyone who wants to enjoy an original, inspiring spirit.

Tasting Notes

On the nose an herbal complex, with rounded bittersweet notes. On the palate a bittersweet liquid that carries peculiar herbal notes married with dried fruit hints rounded by caramel smoothness.

Suggested Serves

  • Sip this pungent amaro neat or enjoy as a shot.
  • Give people something to talk about with a riff on the Daiquiri, the Cynaquiri, where you swap most of the rum for Cynar, amping up the bitterness and complexity. (1 part lime, 1.5 parts Cynar, .5 parts rum, .5 parts simple syrup.)

Production Notes

Thirteen aromatic herbs and plants are combined with a slightly alcoholic mixture and continuously mixed. After maceration, the extract is collected in decanters for a marrying period. The infusion is combined with other ingredients in a blending tank, then filtered, bottled and labeled at two different proofs. Enjoy!

In 1952, Italian entrepreneur Angelo Dalle Molle created the "formula" for Cynar based on natural substances found in artichokes. In popular traditional use, artichoke extracts and tinctures were known for their purifying properties.  His secret recipe has remained the same since 1952, but since that time has grown to be enjoyed the world over.

1L & 33 Proof

General Characteristics:

Size: 1L
Proof: 33 proof
Main Ingredient: Herbs
Country of Origin: Italy

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