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Mal Bien Espadín Mezcal

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About Mal Bien Espadín Mezcal

Mal Bien “White Tape” Espadín is a classic valles centrales Oaxacan mezcal produced by a fourth generation distiller, bottled by spirits geeks, and celebrated by bartenders across the US for its depth of flavor, unique “anti-branding branding,” and transparency. It’s mezcal as you find it in the place where it's made; nothing more and nothing less. 

Tasting Notes for Mal Bien Espadín Mezcal

White tape brings a balance of tropical fruit, leather, earth and smoke that make it great on its own and in stirred cocktails. At 91 proof, it has the punch to shine through in citrus cocktails

Recommended by

Double Gold Winner, San Francisco Wine & Spirits Competition, 2023

Selected as a recommended spirit to pair with Shaker & Spoon’s Mezcalloween III: A Shocker in Oaxaca Box.

Recommended by: Stacey Swenson, creator of the Red-Handed Ripper

Mal Bien Espadín Mezcal is a beautiful, easy-drinking mezcal that is true to the place and people who created it. As Stacey says, “The soft smokiness in this bottle doesn’t overpower the other ingredients in your cocktail, but the higher alcohol content definitely makes all its characteristics pop! It’s a mezcal that plays well with others.”

Suggested Serves

There’s nothing more frustrating than finding an approachably priced base spirit whose flavor you love, only to find that it doesn’t get along with any of the modifiers you’d like to mix it with. Mal Bien “White Tape’s” balanced profile and 45.5% ABV make it an easy plug-and-play in all your favorite classics and new school cocktails.

  • Mezcal Negroni
    • 1.5 oz Mezcal Mal Bien “White Tape” Espadín
    • 1 oz Campari
    • .75 oz Sweet Vermouth
    • Method: Combine ingredients in a double old fashioned glass, add large cube, stir, express orange twist and add to glass
  • Mezcal Old Fashioned
    • 2 oz Mezcal Mal Bien “White Tape” Espadín
    • .25 oz agave syrup
    • 2 dashes Bittermen’s Mole Bitters
    • Method: Combine ingredients in a double old fashioned glass, add large cube, stir, express grapefruit twist and add to glass
  • Mezcal Margarita
    • 2 oz Mezcal Mal Bien “White Tape” Espadín
    • .75 oz fresh lime juice
    • .33 oz Triple sec
    • .33 oz agave syrup
    • Method: Combine ingredients in a tin, medium shake with 1” ice cubes, strain over double old fashioned glass with fresh 1” cubes and garnish with lime wheel

Production Notes

Four generations of the Morales family have produced mezcal in the town of San Dionisio Ocotepec, Oaxaca, using the same land, techniques and equipment listed on the back of the bottle:

100% Agave Espadín • Roasted in Earth • Crushed by Tahona • Fermented in Pine • Distilled in Copper Pots

750ml & 91 Proof

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Please drink responsibly. CA Residents: Proposition 65 Warning.

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