Baldoria Dry Vermouth

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About Baldoria Dry Vermouth

750ml & 18% ABV

Bright. Fresh. Herbal.

Brand new to the US and only available on Curiada, this premium farm-to-glass vermouth is herb-forward. One sip may have you reconsidering what you thought you knew about dry vermouth.  

Delicious over ice or give new dimension to your favorite cocktails with clean, fresh, nuanced flavors.

Discover how distinctive vermouth can be.

Tasting Notes

Light and herb-forward with notes of sage, rosemary, and ginger, Baldoria Dry was created to play with, amplify, and impart a dry, fresh base to whatever else you might decide to put in your glass. That said, do not underestimate the joy of drinking a pour of it on its own, chilled or over ice.

Suggested Serves

  • Most simply, just pour over ice and sip with pleasure
  • Savor a Baldoria Dry & Tonic, one part Baldoria Dry to two parts tonic. Garnish with fresh cucumber.
  • A Reverse Martini is heavy on the dry vermouth, light on everything else. Julia Child made hers one-part gin to five parts vermouth and we’re not in the business of disagreeing with JC. Serve chilled and up or directly on the rocks with a twist.

Production Notes

Every Baldoria expression uses as its foundation a high-quality wine carefully selected to complement the botanical profile of the vermouth. The botanicals themselves are prepared using fresh herbs, plants, and flowers that are either harvested in the Alps or grown in the 10 acres surrounding the Italian distillery. 

Baldoria Vermouth comes to us from the team at The Little Red Door, a Parisian cocktail bar that for the last decade has staked out a top spot as one of the World's 50 Best Bars, among other accolades.

Baldoria launched in Europe in 2020 and is used by many of the world's most elite bars, restaurants, and hotels. Among them The Savoy, London, The Hoxton hotels, the Four Seasons, Firenze, and of course The Little Red Door. The craftspeople at the Little Red Door continually challenge themselves to develop new, fascinating, and delicious ways to enjoy best-quality spirits. Baldoria is their latest venture, with more on the horizon.

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General Characteristics:

Size: 750ml
Proof: 36 proof
Main Ingredient: Grape
Country of Origin: Italy

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