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La Marca Prosecco

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About La Marca Prosecco

La Marca Prosecco is a celebratory staple that has earned its place in wine lovers’ hearts worldwide. This Italian sparkler originates from the Veneto region of northern Italy, known for the high-quality Glera grapes. La Marca doesn’t merely make wine—it crafts an experience. Each bottle tells a story of tradition mixed with innovation, leading to an exceptionally bright and vibrant taste.

What sets La Marca Prosecco apart is the dedication to quality and consistency. The brand ensures that every bottle lives up to the golden color, effervescent texture, and delightful taste. A bottle of La Marca Prosecco is a great choice for any celebration or just to elevate everyday moments into something special.

Tasting Notes

La Marca Prosecco boasts a fresh and elegant profile which graces the nose first with hints of ripe citrus, honey, and white flowers. The palate isn't left out as it’s treated to mouthwatering layers of apple, lemon, peach, and mineral flavors. The finish leaves a characteristic crispness that echoes the fruit medley, adding an irresistible touch to this sparkling wine.

Suggested Serves

  • La Marca Mimosa: In a classic Mimosa, La Marca Prosecco's unique fruity notes heighten the zestiness of fresh orange juice. It's the bubbly of choice for brunch cocktails.
  • Prosecco Sparkler: Pair La Marca Prosecco with a splash of elderflower liqueur and fresh lime juice for a refreshing and stylish cocktail.
  • Classic Spritz: La Marca Prosecco shines in an Italian spritz, amplifying the aromatic notes of apéritif and adding its vivacious bubbles.

Production Notes

La Marca Prosecco comes to life through the Charmat Method or Metodo Italiano. This process involves a second fermentation in bulk tanks rather than individual bottles, accentuating the aromatic Glera grapes' flavor and keeping the bubbles fine and frothy. The wine is then swiftly bottled and sealed to preserve its freshness and sparkle, allowing the delightful characteristics of La Marca Prosecco to be enjoyed worldwide.

750ml & 22 Proof

Last Updated: 12/08/2023

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