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Transforming how we think of rum

Transforming how we think of rum

Most people tend to think of rum as great for mixing.  It’s the go-to base liquor for spiked punch, and nearly every other batched cocktail.  Buy a bottle of the cheap stuff, add a bunch of fruit juice and other flavors, and bottoms up.

Unlike whisky, scotch, and cognac, the average person doesn’t think of rum as a premium spirit.

Karthik Sudhir set out to change that.

Ron Izalco is a super-premium rum.  It has a fruity aroma that calls to mind apricots, prunes, honey, caramel and freshly-squeezed cane juice.  It starts smooth and mellow, and then builds to a wonderful complexity, with undertones of American oak, toasted nuts, and sweet pipe tobacco. It’s expressly designed for sipping. No daiquiri mix, no Hawaiian Punch, no E.J. Gallo & a cup of sugar.  And definitely, no coke.

Ron Izalco was conceived and created by a passionate and committed individual totally devoted to creating a new-to-world best-quality rum. Through a careful and painstaking years-long process, Karthik and his  blending team sampled rums from all over the world, assessing them against the strictest standards. They also used this process to identify where these best-quality rums are being produced. With that hands-on knowledge, and through relationships with industry experts, they then set out to craft a rum that would be as refined, exceptional, and sip-worthy as any super-premium cognac or scotch. 

Their care and dedication paid off.  Ron Izalco is a double-gold award-winning rum, the breakout star of the 2018 Paris Rhum Festival, and has been released across Europe to great acclaim.

And now, for the first time, it’s being made widely available to spirits enthusiasts in more than 28 states through Curiada.com 

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