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Enjoy a Sonic: 1643 Alpine Gin

Centered in the foreground is a refreshing looking clear cocktail in a Collins glass. This is set against a cerulean blue background and a 1643 Alpine Gin bottle.




1643 Alpine Gin has a bright and herbal character, with plenty of spice. This particular cocktail, common in Japan, cuts tonic with seltzer (tonic + seltzer = sonic) for a drier profile that better highlights the aromas and flavors found in 1643 Alpine Gin.  Here we shake the gin with lemon zest instead of using the lemon as a garnish, leaving the drink pure and unadorned.  An elegant and easy way to elevate your at-home G&T.

Image and recipe courtesy of Christian Leue 

The Alpine Sonic

2 ounces 1643 Alpine Gin
Zest from one lemon


Step 1 Fill a 12-ounce Collins glass with ice.

Step 2 Add the gin and lemon zest to a shaker filled with ice. Shake until cold and strain into your prepared glass.

Step 3 Add equal parts seltzer and tonic to fill, add a straw, then give the drink a single sharp stir with the straw to mix.

Tip: for a burst of extra flavor, add a long peppercorn and a whole green cardamom pod to the shaker before shaking.

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