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Ancho Chile Reyes Liqueur

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About Ancho Chile Reyes Liqueur

The slow-burn heat of earthy poblano pepper delivers the nice and spicy in this coveted liqueur. Adds delicious complexity and verve-y flavor to anything you mix up.

Ancho Chili Reyes Liqueur from Puebla, Mexico was introduced to the world in 2014 (though its recipe dates back to the 1920s) and it immediately became a bartender's essential.  Snag a bottle from the How to Drink spirits collection

750ml & 80 Proof

Tasting Notes Roasted chile and a slightly spicy pepper, a rich and complex warmth. Sweet spices: cinammon, tamarind and a subtle acidity. Moderate smoky heat of the ancho chile on the finish.
Ways to Enjoy
Classic: Tequila is an obvious pairing; try it in a Margarita or Paloma

Unexpected: A Vaquero uses bourbon as the base, adds Aperol, lemon juice, Ancho Chile Reyes Liqueur and sage. Yum!
Production Notes

It starts with the best and most authentic ingredients.

Poblano chilies native to Puebla, Mexico are cultivated in the volcanic-enriched soils there. The chilies are hand-selected for quality once they've matured and turned red. They are sun-dried for 15-20 days, where they develop a rich, smoky, fiery flavor, transforming them into ancho chilies. 

These dried chilies are scissor-sliced by hand, then soaked and macerated in a neutral cane spirit from Veracruz, Mexico.

Six months pass before the Maestro Maceradora hand-blends the chile flavor-infused liqueur to ensure consistent quality, flavor, and spice.  A final rest for the flavors to marry before the liqueur is bottled, each one hand-labeled according to tradition.

Founder Facts
Menjurjes, or homemade liqueurs, were the drink of choice amongst artists and intellectual in Puebla in the 1920s. One particularly popular one was handcrafted from ancho chilies. Ancho Chile Reyes Liqueur, introduced in 2014, celebrates, shares, and pays homage to this original recipe.
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Please drink responsibly. CA Residents: Proposition 65 Warning.

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