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TRÄKÁL Patagonian Spirit

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About TRÄKÁL Patagonian Spirit

Everything that goes into a bottle of TRÄ·KÁL grows wild in the Chilean Patagonia, and is harvested from within 100km of the distillery. TRÄ·KÁL starts with apples, pears and naturally sourced water from Patagonia, which is distilled to create the base spirit. Then the juices of four wild-grown berries are added and a proprietary blend of essential oils from seven native herbs is vapor-infused to create this unique botanical spirit. 

There are zero additives or sugars in TRÄKÁL….just water, fruit, herbs and berries from Patagonia. 

The vision of TRÄ·KÁL is to create a spirit that captures the aroma of the forests in Patagonia, and to bring it to the world. The result is a versatile spirit that is both sweet and herbaceous.

Tasting Notes for TRÄKÁL Patagonian Spirit

On the nose you'll find crisp golden and honey crisp apples, herbal notes mixed with the sweetness of summer berries and minerality. Taste herbal flavors mixed with ripe elderberry and maqui berry. Bright notes of golden apples and ripe pears, with an undertone of bitter dark chocolate. Bold and minty finish.

Suggested Serves

TRÄ·KÁL plays well in your favorite cocktails such as a Negroni or a Daiquiri, served with tonic water or enjoyed on the rocks. Most people initially sub TRÄKÁL for their favorite gin cocktails but then migrate into white rum substitutes as well.

Production Notes

Local apples, crab-apples, and pears are used to create the base distillate. During the second distillation, juices of native berries such as maqui, murta, and sauco are blended with the base spirit. To overcome the hurdle of seasonally grown herbs, the master distiller’s mother suggested making essential oils from each wild herb varietal in order to capture their essence year-round. The distillery creates a proprietary blend of herbal essential oils that includes tepa, laurel, mint, paramela, and canelo, which are vapor-infused in the third distillation — giving TRÄ•KÁL its unique flavor and viscosity.

TRÄ•KÁL's master distiller, Sebastian Gomez, spent 5 years working and developing relationships with local communities in Patagonia to develop the recipe and distilling technique to make TRÄKÁL. He even designed and built the stills himself. 

700ml & 84 Proof

Last Updated: 05/08/2024

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