Curiada Is Now Open

Curiada Is Now Open

We’re open!  It feels great to say.  It’s a small sense of achievement after creating something out of nothing over many months.  But, more importantly, it’s not the sense of reward at the end of the race that we’re enjoying, it’s the feeling of excitement at the beginning. I invite you to explore Curiada here.

Today is the first day that we get to bring our vision to life for you, our first customers.  And it all comes back to that first word – open. 

I won’t pretend that, as we launch, everything is great.  We all live in a world currently reeling.  But, I believe that openness – to new ideas, to the views and experiences of other people, to different ways of doing things – is something we all need more than ever.

So, we’ve set out to bring this idea of openness to a little happy piece of our lives – spirits.  The way I see the world is that it exists to be explored.  And, that means exploring far and wide but also constantly digging deeper.  The world of spirits, like so many other things, is incredibly rich.  The industry is a livelihood for millions worldwide.  It’s a sense of pride of place for many more.  Like coffee or tea or fine food, it’s a dizzying array of flavors, techniques, and artisans waiting to be discovered.

But openness is not characteristic of the way the spirits industry operates.  Instead, it’s a world of gatekeepers, where the big brands have every advantage, and smaller, independent brands have to fight to be discovered and gain traction. It’s an environment that ensures many of them don’t survive.

We want to change all that.  And, we want to change it not just for you, our customer, but for the “little guys.”  We want to change it for the entrepreneurial suppliers who are willing to take risks and do things differently, for the independent suppliers who are vital members of their communities, spreading their particular craft of distilling to all who’ll listen, for the small suppliers who want to shake up the current model so they can share their unique brands and diversity of experiences to more waiting fans in more cities.  

If we do it right, you won’t drink more, but you’ll drink better.  And, you’ll appreciate it more.  Small suppliers will get discovered and see their dreams come true.  More drinkers will have access to unique brands, diverse voices, and incredible experiences.  And, most of all, we’ll bring openness and change to a long closed industry.

Today is just the first day.  And our commitment is to keep pushing, to continue to bring you new and exciting things, so this feeling never goes away.  But, the only way we can do that is with your help.  Keep us honest – after all, we’re building this for you.  Write to us and tell us what more we can do.  Tell us what we can do better.  Tell us about your ideas and hopes for how we can together -- you, small suppliers, and Curiada -- bring fresh and needed change to the industry, making our mark and having a blast while we do so.

Until then, cheers, and let’s enjoy the adventure!




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