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Hamilton 151 Overproof Demerara Rum

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About Hamilton 151 Overproof Demerara Rum

Hamilton 151 Overproof Demerara Rum is a unique blend of aged Demerara rums produced in Guyana. This high-proof rum, often utilized in tiki and other tropical drinks, earns a place of distinction in the rum category.

The original intent of the Hamilton brand was to recreate the flavor profile of the now-defunct Lemon Hart 151, providing a high-proof Demerara rum that still delivered on taste and complexity.

The allure of Hamilton 151 Overproof Demerara Rum lies not only in its strength but also in the exceptional depth of flavor. This unmatched quality exemplifies why those in the rum world hold Hamilton rum in high regard. Created for both experienced mixologists and enthusiastic rum explorers, we invite you to browse, order, and taste this overproof joy.

Allow your palate to be intrigued by the harmonious blend of strong liquid and the immersive depth of an aged, full-body punch.

Tasting Notes

Rich caramel, vanilla traces, and pleasant wooden notes on the nose, marking a powerful statement. On sipping, you'll find a sophisticated balance. Despite its strength, Hamilton 151 manages to deliver a smooth mouthfeel, without scorching the palate. Here's where you discover robust flavors of dark molasses, leather, and tobacco mingling with a hint of dried fruits. The aftertaste leaves you with a long, warming finish, lingering traces of exotic spices, and a touch of smokiness. It’s an adventure of flavor, not for the faint-hearted.

Suggested Serves

  • Zombie cocktail: The high-proof quality of Hamilton 151 makes it perfect for this classic tiki cocktail. It adds a powerful kick, ensuring an unforgettable Zombie.
  • Navy Grog: The rum's strong, flavorful profile shines in this traditional rum punch, delivering a more rounded, pronounced flavor.
  • Rum Flip: Hamilton 151 provides the robust base ideal for this historical cocktail, adding depth and complexity to the mix.

Production Notes

Hamilton 151 Overproof Demerara Rum is produced using matured, traditionally-stilled rums from Demerara Distillers in Guyana. These rums are distilled in the Enmore wooden Coffey and the Versailles single wooden pot still - two of the world's only remaining wooden column stills. The uniquely long fermentation process imparts this rum with a distinct depth of flavor. These factors contribute to a rum that stands out in its class, highlighting the significance of traditional techniques in creating a rich, intense, and complex product.

750ml & 151 Proof

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