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Worthy Park 109 Jamaican Rum

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About Worthy Park 109 Jamaican Rum

Worthy Park 109 is a premium Jamaican rum for when you want that full-bodied, high-proof, 100% pot-stilled Jamaican rum. Despite its robust 55% ABV, it has a remarkably smooth sipping quality but packs a flavorful punch with that additional flavor of funk in tropical and blended rum cocktails.

Tasting Notes for Worthy Park 109 Jamaican Rum

A dark colored rum with shades of deep red. Fresh tropical fruit flavors of banana, pineapple, and orange on both nose and palate. Combined with mellow vanilla, caramel, and subtle toffee. This rum presents with a strong flavor followed by a smooth mellow finish.

Suggested Serves

Perfect for tropical cocktails, and in anything that calls for overproof. Ideal when you need a rum float! And don't miss out on trying this excellent mixer in a classic Rum & Coke.

Production Notes

A blend of up to 3 year aged rums all from Worthy Park, aged in once used, American White Oak, ex-bourbon casks. 100% copper pot distilled.  The rum is produced using estate grown sugar can molasses which is distilled after 3 weeks of fermentation. 

Located in Saint Catherine Parish, Worthy Park sits almost at the dead center of Jamaica. The estate is nestled in a valley 1200 ft above sea level surrounded by the cockpit mountains.  Because of its elevation, Worthy Parker is cooler and more humid than the Jamaican Plains.

Every element of rum production, from cane harvest, to sugar production, to bottling, takes place on the Worthy Park Estate. Thousands of acres of the Estate’s own sugar cane are the source of the rum's molasses. As the producer of its own sugar, the molasses used for rum distillation is completely traceable to the estate itself, a claim no other rum producer in Jamaica can make.

Founder Facts

The family-run Worthy Park Estate was established in 1670, and started producing rum as early as 1741, making it the oldest known rum distiller in Jamaica. It was purchased in 1918 by the Clarke family, now in their 4th generation of ownership, with Gordon Clarke at the helm.

Although a highly successful distillery, the glut of Jamaican rum after World War 2 led Worthy Park to cease rum production in the 1960s, though its sugar operation continued. 

The distillery was completely rebuilt in 2004 and has since regained its place as one of the great distilleries of the world. 

Highly regarded within the rum category, Worthy Park is one of the few distilleries leading the way in creating rums free of added sugar and flavorings. This centuries-old estate is known for their exceptional caliber spirits and as a shining example of traditional Jamaican Pot Still rum.

750ml & 109 Proof

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